I-CMME uses a back-to-back discussion,
please read the rules thoroughly, illustrations and file are given below.

(A1) Riyan Hidayat

The Development and Effectiveness of Interactive Learning Media Based on Adobe Flash Cs6 to Increase Students’ Mathematics Learning Outcomes During Covid-19 Pandemic

(A2) Sharon Debney Dariol / Nurul Huda Mat Ramli

Development and Usability of Perak Integer Trip Games for Form One Integer Subtopic

(A3) Shazlyn Milleana Shaharudin

Creation of the 3GoNoMath3 Interactive Multimedia Kit as A Game-Based Learning for The Topic of Trigonometric Ratio for Form 3 Students

(A4) Nor Azah Samat

Design and Development of Al-Jekad Kit for the Topic of Algebraic Expressions

(A5) Sharifah Nur Arishia Wan Hazami

Development and Usability of Coordinate Geometry Simple Formula Media Kit for Additional Mathematics Subject, Form Four

(A6) Mazlini Adnan

Development of QR ANS KIT Of Form Four Expansion and Factorize of Algebraic Expansion Topic

(A7) Agustiani Putri

Development of A Mixed Ratio Board Media for Helping Students Visualize the Concept of Direct Proportion and Inverse Proportion

(A8) Mazlini Adnan

Development of Dam XY Games for Coordinates Topic Form Two

(A9) Tuan Nursyaza Atiqah Tuan Nordin

Development and Applicability of The Game of HekSaGoji in The Topic of Three -Dimensional Geometric Shapes of Form 2 Mathematics

(A10) Lusi Rachmiazasi M

Analysis of Validity E-Comics Based on Realistic Mathematics Education in Transformation Geometry

(A11) Yuni Setya Ningsih

Development of an Artificial Intelligence to Introduce Computational Thinking as Learning Media for Grade 3 Elementary School Students