I-CMME uses a back-to-back discussion,
please read the rules thoroughly, illustrations and file are given below.

(J1) Naji Ammaruddin Murtadha

TawafVR: Virtual Reality Development for the Practice of Tawaf Manasik Hajj Learning

(J2) Vina Nur Aisyah

Augmented Reality Application Development of Regional Dance as Library Innovation

(J3) Bilqis Binar Fitantri

Augmented Reality Application Development as Information Media and UMS Library Service

(J4) Nila Arianti

Development of In-Video Questions to Improve Active Learning in Web Programming Courses

(J5) Nur Rahmah Wardani

Improving Sustainability Awareness through Education for Sustainable Development in Mathematics Curriculum and Learning

(J6) Diah Ayu Safitri

Multimedia Geo-Puzzle to Understand the Concept of Building Flat Side Space in Constructivism Perspective

(J7) Imelda Averina

Physics Laboratory with Smartphone: Sound and Light