I-CMME uses a back-to-back discussion,
please read the rules thoroughly, illustrations and file are given below.

(B1) Nurul Wahida Mohd Razali

Development of E-learning module E-solution Based on Constructivism Approach for Form 5 Consumer Mathematics: Insurance Topic

(B2) Fatin Nur Dania binti Shaimi

Development and Effectiveness of Transiso Kit as A Teaching Aid in the Field of Measurement and Geometry on the Achievement and Interest of Form 2 Students

(B3) Agus Adi Putrawan

The Development of Mathematics Instructional Material Prototype Based on Tetra-Helix Concept Model: Vocational Realistic Education (VRE) Approach

(B4) Yuliana

The Effectiveness of Using the Ethnomathematics Module in Increasing Mathematical Student’s Literacy at Elementary School

(B5) Hanis Athifah Binti Che Mohd Yusof

Development and Applicability of The Let’s Match Together (LeMTo) Game Kit in The Topic of Number Bases of Form 4 Mathematics

(B6) MM. Yunika Nugraheni

Analysis of the Students’ Engagement in The Process of Learning Mathematics Using a Flipped-Classroom Approach to Trigonometry

(B7) Nuriana Rachmani Dewi

The Development of STEM-nuanced Mathematics Teaching Materials to Enhance Students’ Mathematical Literacy Ability Through ICT-assisted Preprospec Learning Model

(B8) Bambang Riyanto

Designing Mathematical Modeling Task for Promoting Student Problem-Posing Ability

(B9) Ramlan

Blended Learning as An Alternative Learning Model Post Covid-19: Pre-Experiment of Teaching Mathematics Based on Character Building in Elementary School Students

(B10) Bagus Ardi Wibowo

Experimental Model Based on Scientific Approach Viewed from Learning Activeness