I-CMME uses a back-to-back discussion,
please read the rules thoroughly, illustrations and file are given below.

(C1) Riyan Hidayat

Metacognitive Skills in Mathematics Education Context: A Systematic Literature Review

(C2) Glady Wattilete

Application of SAVI Approach (Somatic, Auditory, Visual, Intellectual) In Hybrid Learning to Improve Student’s Mathematic Reasoning Ability

(C3) Meilani Safitri

Analysis of Metacognitive Ability in Mathematics Problem Solving of SMA Students at Ngemplak Boyolali

(C4) Muhamad Badrul Mutammam

Profile of Junior High School Students’ Symbol Sense Thinking

(C5) Gayatiri A/P Balasubramaniam 

A Systematic Literature Review on Mathematics Mobile Applications in Education

(C6) Siti Aieshah Abdullah

Systematic Literature Highlights: Preparation, Methods, And Challenges for Mathematics Teachers Undergoing Online Classroom

(C7) Norhayati Ahmat

Knowledge, Skills and Attitude of Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers Regarding HOTS

(C8) Ira Vahlia

How is The Application of Socratic Learning to Make Students Think Critically?

(C9) Nurihan Nasir

A Systematic Review of the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics via the Integration of Project-Based Learning in STEM Education