I-CMME uses a back-to-back discussion,
please read the rules thoroughly, illustrations and file are given below.

(E1) Krisni Suhardiyani

Analysis of Students’ Mathematical Literacy Skill in Solving PISA Problems Level 3

(E2) Baiq Aprilia Isnaini

How is the Student’s Mathematical Literacy Toward Learning Styles?

(E3) Gigih Kridantari

Problem solving of Mathematical Concepts: Investigating the Characteristics of The Best 3 Students’ Thinking Processes

(E4) Sindy Dwi Pertiwi

Metacognition: Description of Students with Mathematical Reasoning Ability

(E5) Ulpa Shaliha

Problem Solving Process on Circle Topic: Case Study of 9th grade Junior High School Students

(E6) Puput Relitasari

Open Ended Problem: How far the Student’s Creative Thinking Process to Solve?

(E7) Livia Eunike Paut

Analyzing Mathematical Communication Skills of Junior High School Students in the Topic of Polyhedron (Cube and Cuboid)

(E8) Riki Andriatna

Numeracy of Junior High School Students: A Case Study on Uncertainty and Data Content

(E9) Monika Agnes Henny Kinanti

Students’ Numeracy Cognitive Process in Solving AKM Questions

(E10) Rita Rupiani Pasaribu

Analysis of Reflective Thinking Ability of Junior High School Students in Solving Mathematics Problems of Pisa-Like on Content Quantity

(E11) Ratna Permatasari

Analysis of Mathematics Reflective Thinking with A STEAM on Statistics Materials for High School Students