I-CMME uses a back-to-back discussion,
please read the rules thoroughly, illustrations and file are given below.

(G1) Hanif Nurmilasari

Optimizing Job Scheduling in Cloud Computing with Makespan-Based Particle Swarm Optimization

(G2) Fanea Fresty Antonieta

Parameter Estimation of Biresponse Nonparametric Regression Model with Fourier Series

(G3) Fadiah Khairina

Forecasting the Price of Crude Oil with Deep Learning N-BEATS

(G4) Andjani Ayu Cahaya Tanjung

Implementation of the Gated Recurrent Unit Model on Consumer Price Index Data in Indonesia

(G5) Siti Osmatun Kasanah

Susceptible Vaccinated Infected Quarantine Recovered (SVIQR) Model and its Application to the COVID-19 in Indonesia

(G6) Nur Hamiza Adenan

Identifying the Presence of Chaos Based on Variation Sediment Transport Data in Selangor River, Malaysia

(G7) Mohamad Ilham Dwi Firmansyah

On Determining the Time Evolution Matrix Decision Disordered Quantum Walk Over Max-plus Algebra

(G8) Septa Dewi Wulandari

On Super Edge Bimagic Total Labeling and Super Edge Trimagic Labeling of Garengpung Graph

(G9) Asva Abadila Rouhan

On the Fine-tuned VGG16 for Poverty Estimation using Satellite Images

(G10) Billy Wibowo

Jakarta COVID-19 Hospital Monitor